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Joining up FreebieJeebies

To join up on any of the freebiejeebies sites you do this:

1. On all the sites home page you will see a box on the right of the page which says sign up now and email, from there type your email address in and that will take you to second and last part of the joining up.

2. Now in this last part you have included the follow information, if so you will have successfully joined freebiejeebies and are ready to get referrals to get your free gift, so here is the following information:

3. Confirm your email address; make sure it is the same as the one you give out in at the start of the joining up process.

4. Then make a password for your freebiejeebies account and confirm it.

5. Give out your first name, and then give out your surname.

6. Give out your home address so for example: 43, Johnson road. This again is very important so they know who to send gifts to, so to join freebiejeebies you need to make sure that the information you give to them is 100% correct.

7. Give out the city you come from, for example: Birmingham, again must correct.

8. Give out the county/state you come from.

9. Then pick the country you come from.

10. Then agree with the terms & conditions and you have successfully joined freebiejeebies.

PLEASE NOTE: if you want to join multiple freebiejeebies sites you have to do the same sign up process for each site.

 Here is a video description of it.

(Please could you have full parents/guardian permission before giving out any details to freebiejeebies.)

 (Important Note: If you are joining FreebieJeebies you must do a offer to make any referrals, please view the video above to know how to make a offer.)